March – The Littlest Leprechaun

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There once was a tiny green leprechaun named Mick,
Never at a loss for words, his wit was quite quick.
He wanted to have people come to a St. Paddy’s Day Party,
He wanted them to have great fun and party hardy.
He first came to town asking for Matt and Mattie.
After inviting them he next wanted to invite Pattie.
After inviting Matt, Mattie and Pattie he also invited Laddy.
After inviting Matt, Mattie, Pattie, and Laddy he

February Blog – Is It Really Love????

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Generally speaking,  the month of February is thought of as the month of love and romance because February 14th is Valentine’s Day.   That is, of course,  for adults,  but what does this celebration mean to preschoolers?   How do you,  as a parent , want to avoid yet another materialistic holiday and instead use this opportunity of celebration to teach your child about the true meaning of LOVE?   To me Valentine ’s Day

Carpe Diem

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Yes, this time tested phrase never gets old!

Initially spoken n the days of the Roman Empire, it still rings true today. Embrace each and everyday with your toddlers as there are no guarantees in life. Besides, children grow up way too fast nowadays.

The month of January is usually one in which people are reflective about the


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Well we’ve come to the last month of the year December and the holiday season is upon us. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year for spending time with family and friends.

Perhaps for some, December becomes a more mindful time to be kinder to those in need while being grateful for what we have. On the other hand, December can be

Being Our Best

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Being Our Best

For this month’s blog I thought it would be appropriate to simply write about the complicated task of just “Being.” What exactly does that mean to each of us? It is how each unique person views their own life and how we perceive and relate to center ourselves. Thinking about being more whole or satisfied, more alive physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and in all ways.   We don’t want to just