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The Wicked Germs!

Yes it’s that time of year again when your child’s immune system becomes compromised with the advent of cold season and germs.  Moms become vigilant defenders against these germs which invade their homes and children.  It’s the nurse in me that wants to spread the word of prevention on these elusive micro-organisms.   I thought this month’s blog would be fun to write as a short story describing germ prevention rather

This September, Learn about the Author!

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As I travel around the US promoting healthy habit formation for Toddlers via my book Toddler Tootsies Take On The Day! I am asked about myself and how I came to write this book. Therefore,  for the month of September I posted a little about myself and those frequently asked questions.

I hope you enjoy reading and will google for more blogs which were published via my blog tour. Join me in spreading the word of

August Blog: Good Attitude

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As the kids set off back to school, we must do all we can to encourage them to have a good attitude about themselves, others, and their lives. No matter how young or old, a person’s attitude is big deal. Enjoy some quotes about the importance of attitude as inspiration for you and your family. Feel free to comment below with quotes, or inspiring words that you live by!

Toddler Summer 2018

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Woohoo!   It’s Summertime!!! When I was a Toddler’s Mom, I loved the summer because of the added warmth and daylight it provided, beckoning all of us to the outdoors where it provided many carefree hours spent in our own backyard, basking in the sunshine.

During the summer months we were able to ‘Play in the Dirt,’ enjoying the many perennial and annual flowers we had diligently planted in the garden beds and planting pots in previous

June Super Heros

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Granted that all teachers are to be considered awesome, magnificent and highly instrumental in positively influencing students of all ages, it is the Toddler Teachers to whom I wish to give the Superhero award this month. They deal with the youngest of forming minds who also happen to frequently possess the shortest of attention spans, and are, as expected, totally dependent upon others for their daily needs. Being in school upwards of eight hours a