“As a private tutor for pre-school to elementary age children, specializing in children with ADD, I found the book to be engaging, energetic and an excellent learning tool for children to be aware of the importance of eating, exercising and hygiene. The cute characters are can be easily related to by any age. They immediately put a smile on your face. I would recommend this book for children 2 years to 4 years old. Congrats to the author for her first adventure!”

-Lori Chan, Private Tutor

“Matt and Mattie are such cute characters. As a mom of two, I love that it talks about health habits in a bright and colorful way that my children can follow along. The hidden toes are fun too.”

-Allison Nichols, Nurse at Emory University Hospital

“Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day,” the inaugural book in the Matt and Mattie’s Adventures series, is an imaginative combination of wit and whimsy presented in a creative and colorful format sure to delight audiences of all ages.  Important life lessons are made easy to understand and fun to follow with a dynamic narrative and bright, connective illustrations.  “Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day” is sure to become a standard on every parent and daycare worker’s list of favorite teaching books, and will tickle both young and old tootsies for years to come!

-Catherine Scannell, Physical Therapist

“I have enjoyed introducing my grandchildren to Matt and Mattie.  “Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day” is a creative way to introduce little ones to good habits of daily living.  The book includes a few pages on which choices can be made, providing an opportunity for discussion during the reading.  The Illustrations are fun and engaging and truly bring Matt and Mattie to life.  My three-year old grandson particularly enjoyed searching for the toe or “tootsie” hidden on each page.  Consider adding Matt and Mattie to your book collection for toddlers!”

-Clara Jurivich, Grandmother of 3

“This children’s book is a unique and delightful portrayal of the action filled life toddlers lead in the formative years between their learning to walk and talk and beginning their formal education in school. It is a timeless story designed to teach toddlers how to make healthy choices and assist them in developing valuable and essential habits needed for daily growth towards happiness, social adjustment and success.

The main characters, Matt and Mattie, are lovable foot figures who lead us step by step through a full day’s activities, from rising at sunup to retiring at sundown. During this day in the life of a toddler, we experience gentle lessons in personalizing a positive self-image and attitude, grooming, dressing, healthy eating, play, exercise, social interaction, confidence building, cleaning up and finally, retiring once more to sleep.

This light hearted presentation is particularly appealing to youngsters aged 2 to 4 as it is cleverly punctuated in rhyming verse and richly illustrated with vibrant, fun-filled, colorful characters, surroundings and situations.

In essence, this book is a simplistic yet effective blueprint designed to help parents teach children how to approach various aspects of early life with enthusiasm and joy which will, hopefully, facilitate fun filled and productive learning, setting the stage for a continued lifelong pattern of the same. It encourages growth, awareness, sharing, caring, learning and harmony.

This book will be warmly embraced by children who will request it over and over again. Matt and Mattie should become both friends and role models for generations of children. Along with Dr. Spock and Dr. Seuss, Matt and Mattie should find an enduring place on the bookshelves and toy chests of current and future toddlers. Matt and Mattie should provide parents a vehicle for encouragement and teaching and toddlers a vehicle for dreaming sweetly and living well.”

-James F. Nowakowski, MD, Physician

 “By far my daughter’s favorite book! She loves to see where Matt & Mattie’s adventures take them and has fun finding the hidden toes. As a parent, it is a wonderful tool to encourage & reinforce good habits.  This book has been a joy to read together.”

-Dr. Lindsey Davis, M.D.

“As the parent of a 2 and half year old, I’ve read my fair share of toddler books – Matt & Mattie tops the chart! With its fun & educational storyline and great rhymes, its enjoyable for both my daughter and I every time we read it.”

-Dr. Dan Davis, M.D.