Water Water Everywhere!

Water, Water Everywhere!

“Water Water Everywhere…. but not a drop to drink.”

These words were first coined by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the late 18th century poem, “The Rime of The Ancient Marnier.” These words can have a positive or a negative connotation dependent upon how one thinks and upon one’s past experiences.   Some might think of a hurricane, a flood, a pipe bursting and puddles or instead, of raindrops, baths/showers, swimming pools and water parks.   A more recent poem was written by James Casey in 1999:

Water Water Everywhere.    

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

That is of course until this lovely ship does sink

There is nothing to compare to a sunrise while at sea

Oh how I’ve missed those moments special just to me

Sunrises on the ocean with no one else around

Seems to show God’s near us without a single sound

Sunsets are special too, dull moments they are not

Beautiful red colors emitting hues not too soon forgot

Night time on the ocean brings many things anew

On moonless skies it seems so cold with just a hint of dew

Of course those starry nights are quite a sight to see

The beauty of those twinklers was fashioned just for me

I’ll always miss the wonders the stars have brought to me

And when I die I’d like my ashes spread far, far out to sea

James Casey

This poem suggests that if everyone could think simple, positive and grateful thoughts, the world’s problems might lessen through a lens of beauty rather than ugliness. How can we as parents and grandparents create this hopeful canvas with our toddlers who, in their terrible twos, like to say NO, as often as not, to anything.  

As Matt and Mattie’s Adventures would say: Just follow me, I’ll show you the way!      

Born in Atlanta, Matt and Mattie love the city and the South!   April and springtime bring their favorite time of the year. Envision water as rain falling with the beginning of springtime. Plants and flowers begin to bloom as the birds come out to soar. They munch on seeds provided by kind bird lovers. Share with your toddler the variety of birds singing and flying by windows as well as the variety of flowers now beginning to bloom. Discuss how the rain brings new beginnings while washing away the dust of yellow pollen.   Great Spring weather with sunshine and warmth now encourages outdoor activities such as walking, biking, hiking or simply playing outdoors.   FUN is in the air! Spring Break provides more time for toddlers, parents and grandparents to spend time together enjoying new experiences.   Can you feel the joy and emotions of Spring just as the beauty portrayed in the poem?

Discover new experiences. Take time with your own family. Simply BE at home learning new perspectives on your Toddler’s Day.   Sing a new song like Tubby Time while discovering bubbles and water during bath time!   Whatever you do, the choice is up to YOU!  

I will leave you with a wonderful poem by David Whelan that captures the essence of springtime.   Enjoy the beauty of our world, and be kind to each other.

Springtime by David Whelan         

A Spring morning

A warm Breeze

doves cooing softly

Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets

A red streaked dawn

A very early robin

Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs

Smell of dogwood blossoms

Nature’s petroglyphs in muddy bogs

Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets

Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears

Jelly beans and sonnets

Spilled Easter baskets, children’s tears


Leafy bowers


Spring showers

Spring mornings

Warm breezes

Deep breaths

Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh blossoms

Sound of birds as they sing

Joy of life.. joy of being…

…Joy of Spring


AND when the day is over enjoy a good warm bath and sing along with the Tubby Time (play above, lyrics below):

Tubby time by Morris Friedman sung by Michelle Friedman

It’s tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time

Oh you’re face is dirty

Your hands aren’t clean

You need to wash if you know what I mean

Get some soap and a washcloth too

Because it’s tubby time

You wash your face, you clean your ears

You scrub your legs and have no fear

You won’t wash right down the drain

I hope that I have made it plain

It’s tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time, tubby time, tub tub tubby time

Tubby time

And now you’re clean

You smell so good

You washed yourself just like you should

Now its time to go to bed

So go to sleep you sleepy head

It’s sleepy time, sleepy time, sleep sleep sleepy time

Sleepy time, sleepy time, sleep sleep sleepy time

Sleepy time, sleepy time, sleep sleep sleepy time

Sleepy time… Goodnight!      

Until next month!!!!