Being Our Best

Being Our Best

For this month’s blog I thought it would be appropriate to simply write about the complicated task of just “Being.” What exactly does that mean to each of us? It is how each unique person views their own life and how we perceive and relate to center ourselves. Thinking about being more whole or satisfied, more alive physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and in all ways.   We don’t want to just settle. So how do we find contentment, especially in a highly technological age of fast moving opportunities? How do we keep occasional bouts of depression and excessive demands from overcoming us.

Learning to rejoice in what we have, providing self care, and engaging in self talk are skills to be practiced in becoming the best of one’s self. Only through these can we become the best Mom, best wife, best sister, best friend, etc. Do everything with full intention and thoughtfulness, all the while trying to make it fun for yourself and others! Be able to laugh easily and always remember your own unique value in this world. This is something we cannot buy and no one else can give to us. We have to develop it ourselves. Value yourself enough to make frequent small deposits in your personal well-being, seeing these as a gifts to yourself. Practice positive thoughts to find the magic in every moment of your life! Negative events, thoughts and feelings invariably creep into our lives but we must learn to resist them and redirect our thoughts and actions towards more positive goals. I’d like to think that self reminders are enough to accomplish this, but in fact many of us truly need daily quotes, books, nature walks, yoga or other early morning exercise, meditation, spiritual connection through prayer and sometimes counseling. The more often we practice these exercises the more we invest in ourselves.   By simply being and becoming our best selves we are best able to solve our own problems and to better serve one another.

Some of us even find balance and answers in the words of popular songs such as the Beatles “Let It Be.” Paul McCartney found his own balance and answers when he wrote this song during a dark period in his life. He dreamt of his recently deceased mother coming to him and saying: ‘Let It Be.’ The message of this song is: “being is” to be gentle, not fighting things, just trying to go with the flow and allowing things to work themselves out.   Over the years this song has become meaningful, comforting and healing to millions of people around the world.

Remembering our own and others’ unique value in the world, no matter how we individually view difficult situations, is something we must constantly learn and remind ourselves of. We must always be mindful to seek the beauty in everyday life, without rush, without guilt, without blame, and without grudges. Let it be to be your best self, but always remember: practice, practice, practice! Find new ways of feeling wonderful, of being grateful for change, and of enjoying each and every day of your life. There will be times you have to psyche yourself up, but be willing to step up to the challenge of uncomfortable circumstances in-order to gain self confidence. As a nurse and a naturally nurturing type of individual, I wish to always engage at my best with people by showing respect for and interest in them. I work very hard at being open to difficult conversations that people may not always feel ready for, so it becomes a “let it be” moment with hopes for a meaningful outcome.

People can sometimes find themselves in dark places, as Paul did before so beautifully writing his timely and inspirational song. This darkness was caused losing someone very important to him, his own mum, Mary. Anyone can occasionally feel down and depressed. During such difficult times everyone reacts differently.   Some go into their shell and self retreat, not wanting to acknowledge reality. Others feel comfort in holding onto sadness or contemplating “if only.” Many prefer the comfort found in traditional religious beliefs and practices. It is only natural to feel scared, hurt, tearful and anxious that nothing will ever be the same. The best solution in these dark times is to gather one’s inner strength and push through day by day. Having a loving family and close friends greatly helps.

I have used the grief of death of a loved one as an example of how we can become immobilized; the loss of a loved one is likely the hardest of all circumstances to push through in life. Be grateful for and take solace in those who surround you and who share your feelings of loss. Remember that death merely serves as a stark reminder of the sanctity, brevity, and unpredictability of life. Death reminds us of our duty to always strive to be our best today, as tomorrow is never promised. Aside from death we all have our own personal difficulties on a day to day basis which require courage and bravery to cope with. As stated above, the daily practice of personal skills help lay a foundation for dealing with all the difficulties encountered in life. One more of these skills is that of acceptance for the things we cannot change, as was beautifully stated by Paul in his vision of “Let It Be.”

Take advantage of all that life offers today for as long as you are able. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to create joy and comfort for yourself and others, especially those you love. Only in being and becoming our best through positive and helpful thoughts, words and actions are we able to find balance, satisfaction, contentment, joy, happiness and meaning.

The development and practice of daily skills, though on a more basic level, is exactly the premise upon which the book Toddler Tootsies is based. Please refer back to MOM challenges in the May blog, and the important meaning of friendship in my very first blog. With that, let’s celebrate all that we have to be grateful for, especially in this month of November when we celebrate Thanksgiving. To enjoy our own personal harvest, we must grow positivity, healthy habits, acceptance, and respect. Change the negative to positive and remember to always celebrate our time together. I appreciate all of you who take the time to read and respond to my blogs; thank you for following Matt and Mattie. Above all, thank you for the gift of yourTIME! In the words of another popular songwriter, Bobby McFerrin; make the best use of your time and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Until next time, blessings, and please help me spread the word of being your best and choosing healthy habits!