June – Aspirations

After retiring from a long and rewarding career as a Nurse, I find a drive toward aspirations in a multitude of interests. In retirement there is the elusive commodity of TIME, time to pursue one’s interest. So, it is in my retirement years I am pursuing writings and education on child development by highlighting the Best one can be.  My book of Toddler Tootsies Take On The Day tells of Matt and Mattie’s choices whereupon they make every day a learning adventure.  Just as our ten toes help our bodies balance, Matt and Mattie’s ten daily habits help toddlers learn balanced behaviors that will guide them in leading happy, healthy childhoods.  It was through my life experiences as a Nurse and aspirations of a healer, a leader and a humanitarian that I pursued writing for Moms and toddlers.      

My nursing career thus afforded me the opportunity to interact with multitudes of people, from terminally ill patients, and patients who freely shared their experiences and trails with me to my coworkers who joked and shared in teamwork for the best of our patients.  It became apparent to me that patience, doing the right thing, habits, and staying the course through all challenges brought the best results in life.   The practice of medicine for Nurses to all healthcare employees taught me many life experiences and has broad reaches.  The medical field is dynamic, ever-changing, and requires integration of multiple subjects and expertise.  This wonderful career path has allowed me a lifetime pursuit of knowledge and intellectual challenge while providing compassion with human interactions.  Isn’t this the reason why every medical professional enters the field- because they wish to better the life of another human being?  Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”  The beauty of medicine and now writing for Moms and toddlers has the ability to impact and improve the lives of many.  I hope as you help your toddler develop routines, they become fun filled learning activities rather then something difficult and resentful.  Have fun with your toddler to developing a good attitude for lifelong habits!   Always putting your best foot forward beginning with baby steps!