All’s You Need Is….. LOVE!

The romantic month of February moves many to reminisce about the meaning of LOVE. What Love means to each person at different times in their lives changes as they grow, experience and become open to their circumstances and feelings. For instance , a toddler equates love to their parents, finding new friends and exciting adventures they are learning in life, a teenager has intense feelings for budding romantic connections as they learn about more intimate feelings, married couples find their soulmates in interest, passion and commitment to each other. Singles search for the connectiveness of sharing experiences. Parents and Grandparents focus their Love on the next generation of teaching and sharing . So goes the circle of life and Love. This brings us to reflect upon Valentine’s Day which is highlighted in the month of February . The tradition of giving a card or gift to the one romantically involved with. It’s a day the world celebrates Love and affection. Imagine what a wonderful world we would have if everyday was Valentine’s Day ? The Beatles sing about this in many of their songs including All you need is Love. I think Princess Diana had it right when she said “the biggest disease this day and age is that people feel unloved.” Reading Toddler Tootsies Take On The Day! Is a way to share loving moments with your Toddler. Each daily habit can open discussion to discovering the meaning of a good attitude, and embrace their day. Sharing topics about choosing food, clothes, nutrition and their activity can lead to connections and healthy choices. To me being a parent is a privilege to share the vision of life and ultimately teach the meaning of LOVE! Happy February!