Wishing You All a Happy and Adventurous 2018!

As Matt and Mattie would say; “Whatever you do is up to you!” Wherever you go, may you find excitement and learning.

Just as Matt and Mattie find adventures with every activity in their “Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day!,” adults can also embrace this same idea in their lives.   Whether the choices we make in life are large or small, we continue to learn and hopefully embrace the JOY of new experiences.   EMBRACE family and friends. Notice those around us.

This past holiday season I experienced a Christmas Mart Viking Cruise down the majestic Danube River. Returning to the roots of my Eastern European heritage, all the while experiencing it as a girls’ trip with sisters-in-law, nieces and daughters.   We began our adventure in historic Budapest, Hungary, visited a country with many borders in the heart of Europe, Slovakia, stopped in Vienna, Austria, cruised into Passau, Germany, the “City of Three Rivers” and travelled to Lintz, Cesky Krumlov and finally Prague, all within the Czech Republic.

In using all five senses one can completely embrace the abundant beauty of this adventure, fully providing a multi-faceted travel experience!   Join me in this experience now:

SEE– Historic architecture from Romanesque to Art Noveau, multiple eras past and present from castles, museums, churches and the enchanting Wachau Landscape. See the Wintery marvel of Old town squares with huge lighted Christmas trees, mangers with live donkeys and sheep, multitudes of hand crafted goods, and glass ornaments.

LISTEN- To the crowds’ chatter, sidewalk musicians, century old church bells, clock chimes and the tranquil flow of the Danube River itself.

SMELL– The Christmas holly and Fir trees, flowers in the sidewalk Shoppes, Cinnamon, Paprika, and the scents of ever-present outdoor grilling

TASTE– Gingerbread, Viennese coffee, Goulash, Schnitzel, cabbage, sausage, hearty soups, Chlebicky (open-faced sandwiches), beer and hot, spiced wine. My personal favorite was the Prague Food Tour!

TOUCH-   The handcrafted wooden children’s toys, marionettes and warm handshakes of the friendly merchants.

Bring all five senses together to paint a beautiful memory of small enchanted villages celebrating century’s old family fun and traditions. Do you have special family holiday traditions? Write to us at mattandmattie.com to share your ideas, holiday crafts, recipes, and family pictures!

As we begin The New Year we look ahead to what is most important to each of us, just as “Toddler Tootsies Take On the Day!” show the way to healthy toddler habits. I wish you Health, Happiness and Spirited Adventures in 2018!!!

Marsha K. Nowakowski