August Blog- “There’s GOLD in Them There Goals!”

As each of us experience our own life’s journey, each of us encounter our very own unique
experiences and an array of people whom we meet along the way. Whether raising families or
advancing careers, we all seem to quickly get into the business of managing tasks and time.
Because the measure of time is limited and thus precious, the question then becomes “how can
we best use our time?” particularly as it relates to raising our children. As parents we must
constantly strive to show up each day with great energy, steadfast guidance and genuine
enthusiasm for our young developing children. We invest a great amount of ourselves in
becoming effective and loving parents, wanting to protect, teach and encourage our children to
do their best. Whereas we cannot force them into any venture until they are ready and
interested, we likewise cannot remove all the potential discomfort in learning life’s lessons.
We can only introduce them to the best life has to offer and support them with our instruction,
reassurance and available educational tools. We attempt to best facilitate their keenest
interests tempered by our own knowledge of what we see as best for them. We give them the
optimism to have hope for the future and become capable of succeeding in any path they
choose. Over time we have each probably come to realize that life is not always fair, nor
guaranteed to particularly favor us in all circumstances. We also come to appreciate that it is
the simple lessons in life which endure and best help us shape our journey. To become our
BEST and effect positive changes we begin by sorting through details, applying values and
discipline, and developing positive attitudes. Add a good work ethic and anything is possible!
Any goal desired can become a goal achieved. My children’s book of Matt and Mattie was
written to make a small contribution to this world in helping very young children learn a fun
way of doing their best while remaining open to new adventures and developing strong habits
early in life. Such habits will then allow them to always put their best foot forward along life’s
path. This book demonstrates how the structure of life’s daily activities can become fun
routines, making a difference in achieving one’s goals and reaching success. Becoming capable
of accomplishing small tasks each day provides renewed ability for growth and improvements
in all tomorrows. I have learned this concept through my career as a Nurse where daily work
skills begin with organization and repetition. For example, everyday a Nurse routinely compiles
multiple reports, lab results, and ongoing patient assessments. All of these activities help foster
a healing environment. Administering medications, providing advice, and teaching patients
their way back to health provide purpose. Each of these components help create an expected
picture of one’s work day. Nonetheless, Nurses must always prepare for the unexpected. Even
when working on a familiar unit any given day moving along perfectly well can then suddenly
be struck with adversity. The patient in room 442 codes without warning requiring immediate
CPR and lifesaving resuscitation. Fortunately, Nurses understand the meaning of teamwork and
positive attitudes in best accomplishing the most difficult tasks now at hand. When
emergencies such as this and others unfold, knowledge and training give the medical team
confidence to act and take immediate control of the situation. Confidence to do what’s right at
the right time and what’s specifically needed in a time of great need. In that moment Nurses
can save a life. Doing so validates their many hours of preparation and provides the satisfaction
of having contributed to a better day for one person in particular and society as a whole. When
each of us learn the powerful lesson of setting expectations for ourselves via GOALS, habits
develop which prepare us for the major adversity that sudden unexpected challenges present.
Forewarned is forearmed. Being prepared results in the greatest chance for success.
Furthermore, when things don’t always turn out as hoped there is always the comfort in
knowing that we did our very BEST. Not all outcomes will be optimal in the hospital or in life
itself. In fact, it is our failures which drive us to reevaluate our problems, our processes, and
eventually spur us to developing new and better ways of solving those problems. This
ultimately makes us stronger, more capable and more satisfied. As parents, give your children
the tools to develop good habits and create interactive participation through adventures in
reading, in work and in play in order to help them put their best foot forward. This all begins
with baby steps and setting GOALS for success!
Happy Goal Finding!