Originating in 1914, for the past 106 years Mother’s Day has been celebrated all over the United States to pay tribute to mothers, honoring them for their sacrifice and total dedication in raising their children with hope for a better future and the best for their children. 

Whether a Mom shows patience vs impatience, discipline vs free learning, structure vs creativity, there is one thing for certain; it is most always done through love. A local parish priest would emphasize this sentiment in his sermon each Mother’s day, explaining how his Mother, during his childhood, would frequently scream and yell at him, but did so out of love! She wanted to show her children the way, the truth, and the light of life. 

Depending on one’s own individual make- up and subsequent support system “mothering” may vary in its’ style. There is no one handbook on how to be a Mom. As each person’s own DNA, situation, and support systems vary, it may be necessary for other mother-figures like grandmothers to take on the mothering role in a child’s life. They too can insprire, teach, and add dimension to a child’s life. When a child is challenged, and exhibits unexpected behaviors, he can teach his Mom how to appreciate life’s rewards, which now have become sweeter due to the additional work both have put into living and learning together. 

Mothers In general are unselfish and nurturing, and try their best to provide comfort and encouragement with watchful eyes as their children grow and develop. They want to provide their children the tools for life in hopes that their children will pass it down to their children and their children’s children. Iit is not until later in life when we have developed a more mature outlook that we can realize and appreciate what our parents were trying to teach us. It may be when we face trial and tribulations as parents that we understand the actions of our own parents. As the years pass, our mothers’ lessons become more relevant and their loving ways more appreciated. 

Fast forward to today, May 10, 2020 with pandemic life. Motherhood certainly looks different with shelter in- place rules. Balancing the jobs of motherhood have always been tough, but now Covid-19 is forcing Moms to not only perform their work from home, become school teachers to their children, cooks, and confidants, all while managing their households. Unable to give hugs, have family gatherings, social outlets or travel etc, we see it harder for Moms to keep it together mentally. So let us celebrate a different moment in time where Mothers are doing their best to adapt to our environmental challenges with Motherhood. Let’s honor and remember Moms who epitomize what it means to bring the love and light to their families. On this special Mother’s day May 10th, 2020, Matt and Mattie salute both “bio moms” and “heart moms” who have enriched lives! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who nurture and challenge us to be our best!