Grammie Gulliver’s Travels

In Pre-Covid19 day I felt like my world was filled with leisure and carefree travel.  Finally into my retirement, I travelled one to two weeks each month.  This included going overseas, traversing the US, and frequently visiting my favorite place, Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, where I could spend extended time with my daughters and granddaughters.  If I weren’t traveling I would be enjoying horseback riding in beautiful outdoor settings.  Joy and peace existed.   

Suddenly, enter the dragon called virus and a new way of life develops!  This Corona virus has grown into a global crisis, affecting not only me but our entire world.  Travel has suddenly become limited to weekly visits to the grocery store and daily visits to the mailbox.   

AAA offices are closed.   Airlines have cancelled nearly most flights, grounding nearly all of their fleets.  Even Sunday services have become limited to television broadcasts or streaming channels online.  The world has seemingly come to a standstill.  Millions of people have lost their jobs and had their lives put on hold.  We are living in a strange and unusual time. So, what’s next?   

Sheltered in place at home millions of people have a newfound time for greater reflection, a renewal of creativity, and even completing tasks that previously seemed distant or impossible.  Many parents have honed their own teaching skills in furthering their children’s education.   Quarantined days have often incorporated interactive workouts and reopening of connections with family and friends through telephone conversations and virtual social media.  As such, much has been lost but much has been gained. In spite of social distancing many people haven spent more time connecting remotely.  Even more importantly, people become united in their efforts to overcome this health crisis.  People have volunteered to sew protective masks, deliver meals, shop for the elderly and support their local medical community. The One World Together Home Concert is a significant example of community support for the World Health Organization provided by musicians from all over the world performing from their homes.

In closing, Matt and Mattie applaud all you Heroes, volunteers, front-line workers, and entertainers!! Until next time, we look forward to our new blog, Heroes Among US!